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Re cap 2017

In February Andrew and Eva King returned to Great Meadow for a Falconry demonstration. The attendance was outstanding, over 30 kids and parents packed into the summer house to learn about the art of Falconry. The stormy coditions made it unsuitable to let the hawks fly outside so instead we had a hour of Q and A for the enthusiastic audience and they were willing to return again in December. We met at the Hill School Dornin Science Center where a large group of spectators watched the demonstration. While the birds were not sucessful in finding dinner, they put on a fanstastic show.

In June members of the MOC Beagles were invited to the MARE center (Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center). Dr. Bridgett McInstosh and several interns gave us an overview of their current projects which was primarily forage management. We finished with a tour of the wonderful facility and came away more knowledgeable about what they do to help our horse industry!

The fall hunting : MOC Beagles had their opening meet at Broad Hollow Farm, and we had a wonderful turn out of kids and ponies. We had a splendid season of fall hunting including a fantastic turn out on Christmas eve with all the ponies decorated in Christmas tinsle!