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Conservation Programs: Free to children!

Join us on a nature field trip, stream monitoring session or related activity to enrich your experience in the natural world that sorrounds us. Send us your email to get notices of these events.

Hound Exercise: Free to all!

For six months of the year we walk our hounds on foot from the kennels for an hour three times a week, usually after school. We take them to explore nearby creeks and fox dens and  teach them to ignore the many deer in the neighborhood. You don't need to ride to enjoy the countryside with the beagles! Check this site for the hound walking schedule.

Hunting Fees : 

  • Children are Free
  • Adult $40 per cap

Capping fees are due on the day of hunting.

Masters: Nina Fout  (540) 270-1336 / Beth Fout:  (540) 270-6648

Hunting fees and subscriptions are not tax-deductible.