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Goose Creek Stream Monitoring

Back on October 1, 2011, members of the MOC Beagles were invited by the Goose Creek Association to assist in their stream monitoring.The fundamental mission of the Goose Creek Association is to protect and preserve the natural resources of the Goose Creek Watershed. In order to measure progress, the quality of Goose Creek water is regularly tested by volunteers. GCA volunteers monitor 22 stations: 16 are in Fauquier County and 6 are in Loudoun County. Macroinvertebrate testing reflects the health of the stream by taking an inventory of the bugs that live in the delicate stream environment. Data is obtained four times a year, using the Virginia Save Our Streams "Rocky Bottom Method." After collection, the data is sent to VASOS, Virginia Department Of Environmental Quality (VADEQ), John Marshall Soil, Water, and Conservation District to be rated.