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At the Piedmont Memorial Overlook on Paris Mountain

The MOC Beagles were invited to attend an afternoon session with James Barnes who works with the Piedmont Enviormental Council as their Sustainable Habitat Program Manager. The afternoon started with James introducing the group to the various native plants specific to that location that provided food for various types of animals. He then gave us a demonstration of bird calls associated with the species found in that area. There were serveral scopes set up so that everyone could follow birds more closely as they soared across the magnificant landscape. From our vatange point we felt like birds ourselves on top of Paris Mountain overlooking the valley below. Camera trapping was next on the agenda, several groups installed cameras in trees in order to moniter animal activity for the next several weeks. And then to celebrate the lower meadow that will be planted with native grasses in and sustainable trees , our group assisted in the planting of 2 hazel nut trees. The afternoon sesson closed with a very special viewing of the release of a Barred owl. This owl was rescued and sent to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center to be treated for injuries. Now fully recovered this wonderful creature was ready to return to the wild. We will continue to upload photos as they come in to our gallery but these are a good start!!