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2020 Update with the MOC Beagles

The mild winter allowed us to hunt virtually every weekend and we had very good sport. The ground conditions and scenting were fantastic, the beagles worked very hard to stay in pursuit of the clever foxes. The children were enthusiastic and enjoyed the opportunity to be riding with the beagles across the magnificant countryside. Our mounted hunting season ended just before the covid outbreak. We spent the spring doing lots of beagle walks on foot and practicing social distancing. 

In June we had our annual schooling day at Arden farm, the kids had lots of fun jumping in the ring and out on the cross country. The following day the Goose Creek Association hosted a stream monitering demonstration at Arden. Twelve enthusiastic kids learned the process of netting and identifying the critters that live in the stream, mayflies, stoneflies, snails, and the mighty hellgrammites!